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About Us

New Horizons is a not-for-profit community mental health program providing services in Cole County and Boone County, Missouri. Certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, we provide people with support so they can learn to manage the impact that mental illness has on their daily life. We find that people with mental illness often need support with finding a psychiatrist, obtaining medication, and learning to manage their symptoms; finding and keeping housing; finding and keeping a job; and learning to manage their time in productive ways.

Our Mission

We offer hope, kindness, and respect while providing best-practice interventions to support overall wellness in those who live with behavioral health disorders.


Eligibility for services is based on criteria outlined by the Missouri Department of Mental Health.


No one should suffer alone. If you are in crisis there are many people you can call.


A Foundation for New Horizons’ operating values


What Our Consumers are Saying About Us (from our Consumer Satisfaction Survey)

“I believe strongly New Horizons staff help me overcome many of my issues and I’m thankful to everyone there for their help.”

“I am very happy with my case worker.  I had some medical problems and he has helped in many ways to get me through them.  The staff are the greatest.  I’m very thankful for their services, my life has been better because of New Horizons.”

“People are always nice to me.”

“I just want to say that New Horizons has been a lot of help to me, and I appreciate it.”